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Constituent Patch-Through Calls

We’re a team of former legislative leaders, campaign strategists, staffers, journalists, and data specialists who understand politics and how to explain what’s at stake. We’ve mobilized grassroots support for clients ranging from the American Cancer Society and Everytown for Gun Safety to the Property Casualty Insurance Association and American Beverage Association.

As the nation’s leading grassroots advocacy firm, three things set Winning Connections apart from the competition – experience, research, and innovation.

-Experience: Since our founding in 1996, we’ve connected millions of constituents with their lawmakers to express support for--or opposition to--legislation.

-Research: We work with political scientists and outside groups to conduct internal data analysis and commission independent studies to ensure our data-backed, research-driven solutions are successful.

-Innovation: We constantly evaluate how we can get results for our clients in the most efficient way. Our best-in-class data team developed proprietary software that makes us better than anyone else in the business. We do in minutes what others take hours to achieve.

We’ve helped secure significant victories in D.C. and state capitals across the country, winning more awards than any other firm in our industry. Notable policy wins include the federal Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS and Science Act, and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package. In state capitals we’ve earned wins for trade associations, interest groups, and an array of nonprofit and corporate clients.

FIRM SPECIALTY: Grassroots Advocacy

Winning Connections quickly connects constituents with lawmakers in key districts using targeted patch-through calls. As former lawmakers and staff in both Congress and state legislatures, we know that effective constituent calls move the needle and change the conversation.

Patch-through calls are the most efficient way to mobilize large numbers of people and connect them directly with decision makers. We will work with your team to determine targeted legislators and which messages will be most powerful. We will adapt scripts as the program continues and as the situation on the ground develops. We can generate patch-through calls at any volume ⁠— ranging from ten to tens of thousands of patches per day.

Our call centers are staffed with professionals who specialize in political calls and practice scripts so they sound “neighborly” and local. As an additional layer of quality assurance, our DC-based staff monitors call sessions to ensure scripts are effective and programs are operating smoothly. Anecdotes from these sessions—examples of what constituents are saying to lawmakers—are included in daily reports to clients, along with quantitative data showing that patch-through goals are being met.

We make sure lawmakers hear your message, directly from supportive constituents—and at-scale. Whatever your issue, we will amplify your message, adding an effective tool to your lobbying toolkit.


JOHN JAMESON founded Winning Connections in 1996. Since then, it has become the nation’s premier grassroots advocacy and voter contact firm and remains the go-to for interest groups, associations, and businesses.

Before he started Winning Connections, John spent years cementing his expertise in telecommunications, politics, and government. He has served as a congressional chief of staff managed multiple statewide political campaigns and worked for the American Mobile Satellite Corporation. His unique knowledge makes him an invaluable resource to clients who seek meaningful conversations with voters and constituents.

John’s writing has been featured in New Republic, The Washington Monthly, and Campaign & Elections. He has held leadership positions in multiple organizations including EcoPeace, United Way, the Ballot Initiatives Strategy Center, International Bridges to Justice, and Christ Episcopal Church.

John currently lives in Washington, D.C., but is a native of Eupora, Mississippi. He earned a B.A. from Millsaps College, a J.D. from Duke Law School, and a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

John started off his career selling cookware in 44 states.

Former Congressman MARK SCHAUER joined Winning Connections as Vice President in 2016, bringing his sought-after expertise in legislating and political campaigning to our day-to-day operations.

Before joining the firm, Mark was the Democratic gubernatorial nominee of Michigan in 2014, one of the top targeted gubernatorial races in the country. Additionally, he served as the U.S. Representative of Michigan’s 7th Congressional District, a state Senator (including the post of Democratic Leader), a state Representative, and Battle Creek City Commissioner.

Mark repeatedly won elections in GOP-controlled districts, earning a reputation as a dogged candidate running sophisticated and effective campaigns--all of which relied on Winning Connections’ programs for concrete results. He has consulted for organizations like the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

Mark earned a B.A. from Albion College, an M.P.A. from Western Michigan University, and an M.A. in Political Science from Michigan State University.

Mark and his wife Christine live in Portage, Michigan, with their dog, Rocky.