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What We Do

The Advocacy Group (TAG) is a professionally managed network of lobbyists worldwide. We connect government affairs professionals directly with our TAG members. We have the ability to run conflict checks, and we do not charge our clients for this. We act as the connection between the lobbyist or specialty member and a client. If a client needs lobbying help on the group, we will assist you with a solution in a timely manner. TAG is the only cohesive global and 50-state lobbying entity providing comprehensive and strategic solutions to public policy challenges.

If you are a client that needs to act quickly, for example, if there is a bill that is being introduced in multiple states, you can contact TAG to connect with a lobbyist on the ground within each state. As a client, we can confidently say that we will connect you with the top firm in every state, and if there is a conflict, we are still able to connect you with someone that will assist you.

TAG can help you:

  • Determine which states/jurisdictions they need to focus on
  • Network with US and global lobbyists and public affairs professionals at our regional and annual meetings.
  • Prioritize and collaborate on emerging issues and best practices.

Overall, TAG is known as the organization that works with clients to come up with creative solutions for their public affairs needs. We recently had a client that came to us needing early legislative intelligence across the states on their key issues and TAG took it upon them to create an Early Warning System, a network of 30+ TAG members from different states. The network offered insight into where their issues were going to come up and where the client needed to place their efforts.

If you are looking to connect with us and utilize the connections that we contain, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today!