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50-state Legislative & Regulatory Tracking & Analysis

A tailored tracking tool and analyst team.

FOCUS, a Leonine Business, is the legislative and regulatory tracking and analysis member of TAG. FOCUS offers the best tools and professionals to effectively manage your state government affairs needs. FOCUS analysts provide filtered, customizable databases complemented with the unique FOCUS weekly written reports tailored to your issues, including coverage of legislative and regulatory activity in the 50 states, U.S., D.C., and Puerto Rico.

FOCUS provides unparalleled customer service and maintains the most experienced, highest quality in-house team in the marketplace. FOCUS thrives on providing added value, going the extra mile, and becoming a seamless part of your team.

FOCUS is the premier 50-state strategic consulting and information services firm. Specialized services include regulatory and legislative tracking & reporting, coalition & association management, issues management, government affairs department audits, public policy research, and a 50-state and global lobbyist network. 50-STATE GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS REGULATORY AND LEGISLATIVE TRACKING & REPORTING Only FOCUS provides weekly…
50-state Legislative & Regulatory Tracking & Analysis
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