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Market Entry Strategy

Market entry strategy, scaling solutions in a political environment, and national policy campaigns.

Bullpen is a Specialty TAG member, providing world-class consulting services to TAG including lobbying, electoral campaigns, public affairs campaigns, and law firm as well as legal services. They specialize in innovation policy and the adoption of new technologies into markets and government jurisdictions.

They do this by being an advocate on behalf of innovative companies and partners with political influencers, with the goal of shaping policies and identifying where opportunities are in order to grow and succeed.

Firm Profile Bullpen’s approach to government affairs is firmly rooted in the concepts of honesty, trust and integrity.  This is the foundation upon which meaningful and lasting relationships are built and from which effective communication may occur with policymakers.  A framework is then in place for the education and advancement of client issues.  Bullpen has offices in Nevada, California, and Luxembourg, which allow the…
Market Entry Strategy
John W. Griffin
Market Entry Strategy
Michael Dorsey