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The Success Group, Ltd.


The Success Group is one of Ohio's most influential public affairs and lobbying firms. For more than 30 years our integrity, political savvy, high standards of client service and deep knowledge of the workings of government have helped our clients achieve their goals. Our enterprise and forward thinking have enabled us to thrive in today's uncertain environment of term limits.


Government services areas of expertise include strategy, legislative, executive and regulatory process and local government lobbying.


MIKE TOMAN is responsible for the firm’s day-to-day business operations. He is known for keen attention to detail and a grasp of such varied fields as health care, organizational budgeting, and procurement processes. Mike has been with The Success Group since 2000. Prior to joining The Success Group, he spent five years lobbying as a senior policy analyst with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio, worked for the Ohio Legislative Budget Office, and worked for the Ohio Supreme Court. Mike served as President of the Ohio Lobbying Association (OLA) and was a member of the OLA Board of Trustees for seven years. Currently, Mike serves on the Board of Trustees for The Advocacy Group (TAG) and on The Ohio State University’s President's Advisory Board. Mike sits on select alumni committees at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs’ Alumni Advisory Committee. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminal Justice at Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Public Administration at The Ohio State's John Glenn College.