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Grassroots Advocacy and Public Affairs

Representing leading energy companies throughout the United States, RenUSA builds and generates support for new, utility-scale renewable energy and transmission projects among the public, elected officials and other key project stakeholders. 

Working in jurisdictions throughout the US, we secure the government approvals required to proceed. We forge the necessary partnerships and build the needed coalitions to make it all happen. It’s what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.


Community Engagement - Let RenUSA identify community leaders and key stakeholders in project localities and build the relationships needed to get your infrastructure project approved. Our advance teams make potential partnership connections and build a success foundation predicated upon local demographics and local governing issues. 

Local Government Affairs Our people have worked in statehouses, the US Capitol Building and for leaders in Congress and local governments throughout America. We have represented presidential candidates and work with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels of government nearly every day. We have advised and/or worked with elected officials at every level of government; we know how government works (and doesn’t work).

Front Field Training  - Getting yelled at? How do you handle it? How about media inquiries? Do you know when to defer or how to anticipate reporter questions and respond most effectively? When your personnel are in the field, they don’t always have an expert communications person at their side. Let RenUSA provide your field teams and personnel with this critical training.  

Risk Assessment/Due Diligence Does your project initiative stand on solid ground, or thin ice? RenUSA does opposition, political and other necessary research to assess risk and build strategies. We do the critical and often overlooked advance work.

Using a practiced, effective and experienced approach, our services include needed analyses of project area demographics, local business, government, political influences and locality revenue sources. Herein we also identify risk-generated or other project-related opportunities by determining potential for possible partnerships, alliances and coalitions.

Strategic CommunicationsOur team of communication professionals, including our talented writers, videographers and content specialists, will position your company’s renewable energy initiatives and associated transmission projects for success.

We create and utilize YouTube videos, Instagram content, Facebook ads and other digital assets to target project-related marketing by zip codes — to reach specific regional stakeholders and elected officials. RenUSA communications experts have managed social media campaigns since the advent of the medium. We also specialize in conventional media (television / print) as well as in media relations and earned media initiatives.


Ben Kelahan has advised and represented some of the world’s leading energy companies for more than two decades.

Ben's clients have included Apex Clean Energy, Williams, Invenergy, Scout Clean Energy, Engie SA, Pattern Energy, DTE Energy and the Marcellus Shale Coalition.

Ben has more than two decades of experience in federal, state and local coalition building, voter analysis, grassroots organizing, government relations, community engagement and political consulting.

Ben is also the founder and executive director of ReNew Mexico and co-founder of Western Freedom, a coalition of large energy customers in the West advocating for energy freedom.

Ben is an avid outdoorsman who sees and lives the reasons for why we must make America's energy future renewable.