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Polan Culley, Inc.


Polan Culley has built its reputation on success in the legislature and state agencies.  Representing a variety of corporations, individuals and associations.  Robert Culley has developed a vast array of contacts and friends among senators and representatives in both parties as well as among legislative, agency, and gubernatorial staff.

Polan Culley provides services that mean success regardless of circumstances, while offering everything needed to create the right strategy for your public affairs program.  We develop, manage and implement comprehensive political and governmental strategies enabling our clients to seize opportunities that will benefit their future growth and success.  Our relevant experience, intimate knowledge of the political process and bipartisan relationships with federal, state and local public officials are all leveraged to achieve client goals who need representation in Texas.

Our philosophy is simple - we believe in winning.

Whether you need to advance an issue or protect a position, we believe you can win with the right strategy and hard work.

We believe the best way to advance your agenda is through solid preparation, factual presentations, precise timing, and relentless perseverance.

We believe every company has issues that can be advanced or protected with proper management.

We believe in developing and enhancing relationships with legislators and government officials to benefit our clients.

We believe representing a client in the political arena is a privilege we must earn everyday.


Polan Culley has considerable experience in a wide range of legislative affairs.  Specific areas include energy, gaming, healthcare, insurance policy, local government, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, tobacco and various other trades.   Polan Culley has demonstrated abilities to work on issues independently as well as being a skilled team manager; assembling teams of lobbyist, grass roots consultants, and public relations professionals to work on complex and multi-faceted legislation


ROBERT CULLEY has had extensive experience in the legislative process for over 35 years before the Texas Legislature and various state agencies of government.  He was Chief of Staff for a State Representative who was later elected State Senator.  His service at the Capitol has left him with strong relationships among both members and staff.  During his time working for the legislature, Robert oversaw the House Public Education Committee and the Senate Administrative Committee.  Then, he became the Director of Governmental Affairs for the Texas Motor Transportation Association where he managed public relations, grassroots and lobbying efforts for the association’s 1200 members.

In 1993, Robert joined Polan Culley Inc. (then Polan Ingram Advocacy Group), bringing his extensive Capitol and trade association experience to the firm. He brings his clients a wealth of knowledge in strategy and project management, and is well-respected for his aggressive pursuit of the client’s interest in long term goals.