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Kearney, Donovan & McGee, LLC


Kearney, Donovan & McGee, LLC provides government relations and lobbying services for clients before federal, state and local governments. We develop, manage and implement comprehensive political and governmental strategies enabling our clients to seize opportunities that will benefit their future growth and success. Our relevant experience, intimate knowledge of the political process and bipartisan relationships with federal, state and local public officials are all leveraged to achieve client goals. We know what needs to be done, who needs to be involved, how to coordinate all appropriate resources, and when and where to concentrate our effort.


Drawing on our combination of political, legal and business expertise, we analyze political and public policy events and provide our clients with on going analysis of relevant issues. As an advocate for our clients' interests, we communicate client views to government officials and work through differences on issues. We educate government officials about the public interest dimension of an issue and work with third party constituencies to build support for our clients' projects and business goals.


PAUL DONOVAN's practice is focused in the area of government relations, including representation before government bodies at the local, state and federal levels. He has extensive experience representing clients before the Massachusetts General Court, where he has been successful helping clients meet their governmental objectives.

Paul worked for 10 years at the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, earning a seat on the Sheriff's Department management team. In addition, Paul provided counsel to the Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association on various legislative issues. Paul has been involved in numerous political campaigns, including a 1993 Boston mayoral campaign, in which he was responsible for directing a field operation of more than 2,500 people. Prior to establishing Kearney, Donovan, and McGee, LLC, Mr. Donovan was a member of the government practice group of Choate, Hall & Stewart.

DENNIS J. KEARNEY concentrates his practice in government. He provides legal, legislative and strategic services to clients affected by local, state or federal government policy, legislation or regulation. Dennis formerly served in local, state and county government including 12 years in elected office as a member of the Massachusetts Legislature and as Sheriff of Suffolk County. Prior to forming Kearney, Donovan & McGee, LLC in 2003, Mr. Kearney managed the government practice group at Choate, Hall & Stewart, and served as President of Kearney & Gleason, P.C.

MICHELLE MCGEE focuses her practice on government affairs representation before government bodies at the local, state and federal levels. She has extensive experience representing clients' interests before both the Massachusetts and Connecticut legislative and executive branches of government. Formerly, Michelle worked at New England Electric System (now National Grid) where she developed and implemented comprehensive legislative and external strategies to achieve New England Electric's public policy initiatives in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. Prior to establishing Kearney, Donovan & McGee, LLC, Ms. McGee was a member of the government affairs practice group at Choate, Hall & Stewart.

ANTHONY PETRUCCELLI came to Kearney, Donovan & McGee LLC with extensive experience at the municipal and state levels of government in Massachusetts. First elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1999 and then the Massachusetts Senate in 2007, Anthony is well-versed in legislative issues and is able to use his unique perspective to successfully advocate for his clients’ interests.

CHARLENE RIDEOUT provides government relations and lobbying services to clients of Kearney Donovan & McGee, P.C. Formerly, Ms. Rideout served as Intergovernmental Affairs Manager for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). In that capacity, she was responsible for implementing legislative and regulatory strategies as well as promoting and advocating MWRA's legislative agenda. Prior to working at MWRA, Ms. Rideout was legislative director for the Massachusetts State Senate Assistant Majority Leader and Senate Chair of the Banks and Banking Committee.