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JYB3 Group is a public affairs firm specializing in business development, government relations and strategic communications. John Y Brown III and his associates offer strategic programs in building public, corporate and government alliances, helping a variety of select clients invest in the future of our Commonwealth.


We are dedicated to creating opportunities for a better Kentucky and our clients by creating and executing strategic campaigns in the following areas: Government Affairs • Executive Branch Lobbying (state, local and federal) • Legislative Lobbying (state, local and federal) • Business Development • Coalition Building & Management • Grassroots Campaigning • Issue Management • Strategic Planning • Public Policy Research & Analysis Public Affairs • Strategic Communications • Press Relations • Grassroots Campaigning • Issue Management Corporate Affairs • Image Enhancement • Partnerships • Positioning


JOHN Y. BROWN III was elected as Kentucky’s Secretary of State at the age of 32, the second youngest in the nation, and re-elected without opposition, serving from 1996—2004. His accomplishments as secretary of state include becoming a national voice for election reform, creating nationally recognized e-government services as well as programs to promote entrepreneurism and small business development, all while saving Kentucky taxpayers nearly a million dollars through efficient management measures. Before entering politics, John headed up franchising for Roaster’s Inc., developing fast food venues in 37 states and several foreign countries. John served as vice-president of ResCare, working in government relations and public affairs for the Louisville based human services company with over 40,000 employees in over 40 states and several foreign countries. He served several years as an adjunct professor of business law at Bellarmine University. In 2007, John ran unsuccessfully as the lieutenant governor running mate on a ticket with gubernatorial candidate Jody Richards (Kentucky’s Speaker of the House) in a seven slate Democratic primary. John graduated magna cum laude from Bellarmine University, earned a law degree (with distinction) from University of Kentucky, and then went back to Bellarmine University for his M.B.A.