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Nothing in government happens by accident. To deal with government successfully, creative and effective representation is needed. We are an aggressive lobbying group that anticipates problems and develops strategies to achieve our clients' objectives. Whether our representation is to pass legislation or stop legislation, prevent a crisis or respond to a crisis, we have the ability and experience to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives. Our success is in our proven track record. We are a strong bipartisan team that is one of Connecticut's most highly respected government relations practice groups and are recognized for effective and articulate promotion of the interests of our clients.


Unlike most Connecticut lobbying firms, we unite the legal, lobbying and public affairs disciplines through unique experience and intimate familiarity with the legislative and lawmaking process of the State of Connecticut. It is an asset that separates the Firm from its competitors. Few, if any, public affairs corporations offer our capability and professionalism.

We also provide legislative monitoring and personal tracking of legislative issues and proposals, and employ specially-trained staff for the purposes of following pending bills, legislative hearings, committee meetings, amendments and other items of interest.

FOCUS Government Affairs @ UKS is a full service government relations firm that draws upon the knowledge and experience of attorneys, former executive branch officials, and specialists whose collective expertise is made available to all our governmental affairs clients. This team-based approach ensures that the proper resources are determined and committed, so that our government affairs clients receive the most efficient, cost-effective professional services possible.

We provide a broad spectrum of legislative, regulatory, administrative and executive lobbying and consulting services to a wide range of clients. Because we have over 60 years of experience working with and within government, we are experts on the legislative process and can skillfully negotiate with staff and elected officials. In addition, our strong relationships with federal, state and local elected officials allow us to effectively assist our clients in their dealings with all levels of government.

FOCUS Government Affairs has strategic relationship with Connecticut-based law firm Updike, Kelly & Spellacy, PC that allow us to provide an additional level of service including legal advice, counsel, and legal assistance to corporate, institutional, municipal, and individual clients.


JAMES S. PAOLINO, ESQ. began his career working in municipal government before working for several years at the state level with both the Executive Branch and the Connecticut General Assembly. Attorney Paolino has worked as the Director of State Lobbying for the Connecticut Hospital Association, one of Connecticut’s largest healthcare provider associations. As Director of State Lobbying, Attorney Paolino gained extensive experience in handling complex issues including Medicaid reimbursement, workforce and employment legislation, tax issues, patient safety programs, as well as a wide variety of other issues related to healthcare, technology, the environment, and business.

Attorney Paolino brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the FOCUS Government Affairs team. Having worked at the municipal and state levels as well as the private sector, Attorney Paolino adds a deep level of understanding of government and the legislative process as well as commitment to achieving positive results for his clients. This background gives Attorney Paolino a wide range of personal contacts and relationships in both government and the private sector, which are then utilized to provide positive results for clients. Attorney Paolino combines his background and personal contacts with his legal skills to provide a comprehensive bipartisan approach to challenging issues for his clients.

Attorney Paolino is very active in his community where he currently serves as Chairman of his town’s Sewer and Water Commission. He also serves as the Chief Financial Officer and on the Board of Directors of his local branch of the Lion’s Club International. Attorney Paolino is also an adjunct professor, teaching Western Civilization, World Civilizations and U.S. History.

WILLIAM J. MALITSKY began his government affairs career by working directly for two Democratic Speakers of the House of Representatives, learning the intricacies of the legislative process from inside this key leadership office. Following service on behalf of the Speaker, Mr. Malitsky entered the private sector and served as the Director of Government Relations for the Connecticut State Dental Society, one of Connecticut’s largest health related associations, and thereafter became associated with a large Hartford lobbying group. During his extensive career as a lobbyist Mr. Malitsky established a strong reputation for being able to accomplish the legislative and administrative goals of his clients. Mr. Malitsky believes in a bipartisan, leave no stone unturned approach to advocacy in Hartford.

Mr. Malitsky has a wealth of experience within state government and brings these talents to the team at FOCUS Government Affairs. During his five years on the staff of the Speaker, Mr. Malitsky developed strong ties to both parties and learned how to navigate the legislative process in order to achieve the goals of adopting legislation. Mr. Malitsky served on the staff of Speaker Richard. J Balducci during the fiscal crisis of the early 90’s providing him with a keen understanding of how government can best operate in challenging times.

Mr. Malitsky brings his drive for success and commitment to excellence to the forefront of any challenge. He has a great deal of experience and expertise in crisis management for the clients he represents. Mr. Malitsky has worked on a variety of complex issues such as: insurance, health care, environmental and tax issues, as well as, energy, pharmaceutical, business, education and construction and development issues. Knowledge of the people involved in decision making is a vital role in any lobbying activity. Mr. Malitsky is uniquely able to combine his knowledge of the people involved in State Government with his understanding of the legislative process and provide his clients with a seamless approach to achieving results. Mr. Malitsky is a frequent speaker before client groups, providing them insight into the lawmaking process and best preparing them to advocate for their positions.