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Burr Forman McNair

South Carolina

Burr Forman McNair's counseling of governmental entities is a seamless web of experience and capabilities. Just as we understand how state and local governments work at the administrative and legislative levels, our professional credibility with these decision-makers enhances our ability to counsel counties, municipalities and special purpose entities throughout the state.


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Our firm has a long history representing county governments, school districts, and dozens of municipalities across the Southeast. We not only serve as general counsel to some of these clients – our team often serve as special counsel on administrative, environmental, financing, immigration, land use and other matters. At the intersection of multiple local government and business interests, Burr attorneys direct the administrative and legal traffic so that public purposes and private needs are integrated for the common good.


LYNN STOKES-MURRAY serves as the Government Relations Director in Burr Forman McNair's Columbia office. Lynn is a governmental affairs and lobbying consultant who represents clients at the South Carolina State House and in local government matters.

Prior to joining the firm, Lynn was actively involved in numerous political campaigns across the state, including managing a South Carolina Congressional race in 1988. She has authored and implemented grassroots plans for major corporations to engage employees in the political process. Additionally, she drafts legislation and has extensive knowledge of the legislative rules and appropriations process.

Lynn recently served as chairperson and continues on the board of The Advocacy Group (TAG), which was established in 1992 as the first international public affairs and government relations corporation to provide a diverse array of professional advocacy services internationally.

SHANNON BRUNING works with and serves as a liaison between elected officials, legislative staff and professional associations. She has extensive experience monitoring and lobbying the South Carolina General Assembly, Office of the Governor, state agencies and local governments. Shannon has experience in legislation dealing with a variety of issues, including licensing funding, environmental, taxes, fees, retail, health care, retirement, insurance and regulation, as well as a variety of industry issues.

Prior to joining Burr Forman McNair, Shannon was the assistant to the director and legislative liaison for the South Carolina Department of Probation, Pardon, and Parole Services. In that capacity, she acted as the liaison between the Office of the Governor and the South Carolina General Assembly, also representing the Department on various Boards and Legislative Study Committees concerning a variety of government and criminal matters.

Shannon has served as Executive Director to the South Carolina Convenience Store Association, serving as both chief lobbyist and administrator to the Association, and has also served as chief lobbyist in South Carolina for the South Carolina Retail Association (big box retail, pharmacy and grocery store chains) for a number of years.