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The Virtuous Cycle Collaboratory

Social Enterprise Business Development

A TAG member since Spring 1995, currently Michael Alden Peck is part of a team co-imagining/co-launching the People’s Sunshine Exchange (PSE) – a digital platform for micro PPE purchases on behalf of frontline healthcare, homecare and emergency response workers - helping to save lives at risk of those saving others. Earlier this year, Michael co-founded The Virtuous Cycle Collaboratory (tvc2), a majority-minority, for-profit worker-cooperative domiciled in Alexandria/Virginia, that designs, launches and scales shared-values, purpose-driven and profit-seeking social enterprises and social enterprise ecosystems (start-ups, conversions, supply chains, tax and technology innovation, B2B and B2C platforms) for the emerging Stakeholder Economy.  

In 2015, Michael co-founded and now serves as the executive director of the non-profit 1worker1vote (www.1worker1vote) movement (New York), with regional hybrid model, shared ownership ecosystems based in Cincinnati ( and Dayton (, Ohio, and Central Brooklyn.  Michael served as the International Delegate (USA) for the Mondragón Co-operative Corporation (1999 –2019, and for the past decade has served as board secretary of the American Sustainable Business Council (, as a Blue Green Alliance corporate advisory board member ( since its start in 2006, and as a co-founding (2019) board member of Citizens’ Share Brooklyn (CSG). 

Previously, Michael founded and led the MAPA Group consulting company (1994-2019) outlining a recognized triangular business development approach to the “Iberoamerican Marketplace” involving best practice, cross-border commercial opportunities between the Iberian Peninsula (mostly Spain), Latin America Caribbean (LAC) and the United States.  Prior to founding his first company, Michael served as a naval officer on active duty overseas from 1976 - 83, winning the Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe Leadership award in 1981 while posted as the U.S. exchange officer at France’s Naval Academy, and completed twenty years of service as a Commander in the Naval Reserves in 1996. Michael also served as a defense and economic development legislative assistant to the U.S. Senate Majority Leader (1984-86), as executive assistant to the President of the BDM Corporation (who also held positions as Virginia’s Council of Higher Education chair and co-chaired the national Democratic Party Business and Finance Councils during 1986-1988), and as a senior vice president for corporate business development at SAIC (1988-94), then the nation’s largest employee-owned, applied R&D company with its own internal stock market.  Michael holds degrees from Rice University and the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and studied at the Sorbonne and the Institute of Political Science in Paris, France.